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Computer & Network Repair Set Up and Service for Home and Small Business

Serving the the Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey area we can help any company big or small with there network, hardware, software and Internet applications. Because we work one on one with companies providing cost effective complete IT and network service including onsite repair, software upgrade and configuration, data back up and security applications.

Free estimates, pick up and delivery service for residential customers in Bucks and Montgomery Counties makes it easy to get your computer system repaired. Attention to detail and fast turn around times is a commitment to our residential consumers.

Microsoft Mac LinuxPC IT Services repairs and maintains all brands of Desktop, Laptop Computers, Work Stations and Servers. We service and configure systems on most OS platforms in common use today and can keep your machines running at peak performance.

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Norton Antivirus - Digital Threats? Protect all your devices now.Be Careful What You Click

A growing number of cybercriminal organizations are using deceptive links and websites to install malicious software which can hold your Stuff for ransom. Infected machines display messages which demand payment in order to restore functionality. Recent attacks have also displayed images that impersonate law enforcement.


Here’s what My customers need to know:

  • These attacks, sometimes known as “ransomware,” deploy malicious software which can disable the functionality of your computer.
  • To avoid getting infected, ensure your computer’s software and anti-virus definitions are up-to-date, and avoid suspicious sites.
  • If your machine is already infected, do not pay the ransom. Instead, follow these instructions. Then call for a full pc performance evaluation.